Thank you for sharing my story of anxiety!

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post detailing a nasty panic attack I endured at the dentist office.  I am absolutely overwhelmed by the messages of support I received!  Many of you reached out to me with similar experiences dealing with anxiety.  I have made many new friends since publishing that post, and my heart is full!  I am one lucky gal.

In case anyone is wondering about my dental drama, I was able to get my tooth extracted by Christopher Mullinex (time for a shameless plug!).  It was a great experience!!!  I was given medicine that helped me sleep through the procedure.  One minute, I’m talking to Dr. Mullinex about Disney World. Then, the next minute, I am waking up with gauze in my mouth, procedure finished!!!  The best part is when the doc let my husband and kids in the room afterward. I was so relieved it was over!

If anyone wants to share their stories of anxiety, please contact me at I will be happy to publish it!  I believe as professionals, it’s crucial to discuss these issues, and find ways to manage our mental health together.

Next week, I will be at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, attending a class on Science Communication.  I’m super stoked because the class instructors are from the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. (Yes!  Alan Alda from MASH!  I didn’t know he was a science communicator either!)

We will be doing a lot of role-playing in this class related to media interviews. As a former reporter, you’d think this would be easy for me.  But I really sucked at live shots. So this class is just what I need!  I will blog all about it next week.

Thanks again for everyone’s support!  xoxoxoxoxox

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