Want to Lose Fans? Just Post About Politics

In today’s politically charged atmosphere, it’s hard NOT to have a strong opinion.  Politics are EVERYWHERE.  It’s all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds, and the blogosphere is inundated with political “experts.”  The tone of these posts are often charged and aggressive.  Everyone on the internet seems to have an opinion, where facts are alternative,... Continue Reading →

How NOT to Handle a Negative Review

It's never easy to receive criticism.  In fact, it can make us downright cringe. When I was a journalist, producers used to edit my scripts so much, I could no longer recognize my own story!  Sometimes, a news manager would return it and tell me to scrap it and start over. ?$@#&*! In my own... Continue Reading →

Your Career and You: “Don’t Be Anti-‘Social’”

A Professor's Thoughts

Publication1Okay…a random-ish thought for my Curry CollegeCOM/PR student-friends and Curry College PR Student Association members sparked by having participated in three or four Twitter chats in the past couple of weeks courtesy of colleagues scattered across the globe…

How active are you on social media? And on which platforms? And what is the general “theme” of your activity? I’ve written about this before, but the topic just seems to keep coming up in one way or another, so…

Now before you start jumping up and down and screaming “Kirk, I actually have a REAL job that keeps me running all week plus, as YOU well know, I carry a full load of courses every semester, so where do you think I’m going to find time to ‘play’ on social media”…take a deeeep breath and listen.

I know how hard you’re working, and I admire and respect you for…

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